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About The LifeLine Technique

The LifeLine Technique takes any symptom or stress you are experiencing, finds your positive intention about the situation and then harmonizes and reprograms every cell in your body to mirror your intention, so you can consciously attract your intention to you.

Dr. Darren Weissman, Holistic Physician, Developer of The LifeLine Technique™, Author, and Educator, mastered the following healing modalities and consolidated his life's work into The LifeLine Technique™.  To visit Dr. Darren Weissman's website, click here.

The LifeLine Technique™ incorporates the essence of:

Chinese 5-element Theory
Total Body Modification
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Holographic Re-patterning
Applied Kinesiology
Eye Movement Desensitization  & Reprogramming
Colour Therapy
Sound Therapy
Essential Oils


What do you choose?

If you had the choice to consciously plan your day and manifest your soul's desires, what would you choose?  Many of us feel that this is out of our control and that we are simply on the receiving end of whatever life throws at us.

What if you could create the life you wanted, harmonizing any resistance to your stated intention or goal?  How would that feel?

What if you were able to communicate with your body to find the underlying emotional cause of any symptoms or stress in your body or the relationship of your life?  How empowering would that be?




Are you experiencing symptoms?

Do you:

  • Feel like life is out of control?
  • Have physical symptoms that stop you from doing what you love?
  • Repeat behaviours you wish you had the power to change?
  • Miss your passion for life?

If your body or relationships are speaking to you with symptoms of pain, fear or stress, we invite you to call and experience The LifeLine Technique for yourself.

The LifeLine Technique is non-content, meaning that you do not need to divulge any details or past experiences in order to heal. Our caring practitioners are here to help. We guide you through the process of reclaiming you power, enabling you to respond to the events of your life more consciously.




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